The Map of My Travels


This page is meant to highlight where I’ve travelled since starting this blog. Zoom in for a closer ‘match by match’ view. Click a point for a link to that games blog entry.

5 Responses to The Map of My Travels

  1. Tony Cartwright says:

    You don’t seem to have ventured to Gwent which is very well represented particularly in the second division. We would welcome a visit at Caldicot.


    • Tony, thank you for your comment.

      I haven’t ventured to Gwent yet but I had already scheduled in your home game against Croesyceilog on 4th March. (I sadly keep a planner of potential games on my phone a planner).

      I actually used to work with Chip who you’ll know and I currently work with John Abbott who I know is also involved with the club. So Caldicot has always been a definite on my list.

      Hopefully provided the weather doesn’t get in the way I will see you a fortnight today!!



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  3. Gareth B says:

    The Welsh premier league is dominated mainly by North Welsh teams, so a it hard to see that you haven’t ventured there much


    • Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Admittedly I haven’t been up North as much as I’d like to have been. Shamefully Newtown is the most Northerly I’ve been so far. I aim to correct this in the next month or two. I’ve got a trip to Caersws planned for the end of September (admittedly this is only about 2 miles more North than Newtown), but I am planning to hopefully head to Bangor City, Llandudno and potentially The New Saints or Llandudno before Christmas!

      I’d hoped to join the North Wales Groundhop in August which visited 11 Cymru Alliance clubs. Unfortunately a week or two before this work got in the way and I was asked to make myself available for work that weekend 😦

      Any recommendations for clubs to visit?

      Thanks again for checking the blog 🙂



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