What happens next?


Regular readers will probably be wondering why I’ve been so quiet recently or wondering whether I’m still going to football matches or not.

You’ll be glad to hear I’m still attending plenty of football, I must’ve been to at least ten or more games this year but largely I’ve been concentrating on the fortunes of my team Pontypridd Town.


Three quarters of the way there!

It’s been lovely to be able to follow Ponty Town both home and away which I wasn’t fully able to do last year due to the commitments of writing the blog.

So here are the couple of important bits of news for regular readers.

  1. The idea of ‘My Year in the Welsh League’ was in the title really. It was meant to be a year long adventure in the Welsh football pyramid. I debated carrying on with it but I guess the idea of the blog didn’t liken itself well to being something longer than the one year. If I’d named it something decent in the first place then maybe I could have.
  2. I will be starting a new blog in the very near future. It will still be ground hopping based however this time I’m also going to venture outside of Wales. We have weekends away planned in Rome, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Manchester and Prague over the next six months which will hopefully result in some interesting blogs if I can get to any games in these places. My favourite blogs of mine so far have been games where we’ve headed out on the train, found a pub and met the locals, the ones where the game was kind of not the most important thing. So that’s the kind of thing I’ll be looking to achieve with that. As soon as the blog is live I will post a link here. There will be a lot fewer blog entries but hopefully they will be more interesting.
  3. I’m currently in the process of writing a book on my year long adventure in the Welsh football pyramid. I’m about half way done, or probably a little further actually. The book goes over all of the games covered in the blog but are completely rewritten, quite often with bits I’ve missed in the blog. Again, hoping to get the book ready by Euro 2016. So I’ll keep you up to date with that too.
  4. There is a 101st game which still needs to be blogged about. Game 100 wasn’t my last of the year. This might be kept back for the book but we’ll see!


Thanks to everyone who read the blog for your support and friendship. When I started the blog in January of last year I created it purely as a way of trying to document teams, games, grounds, pubs and coffee shops I liked going to. I truly didn’t think it would be something that would become a blog with 40,000 readers during that year. I mean I haven’t put up a new blog at all this year but the blog has still somehow attracted 4,000 visitors?

Take it easy!


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One Response to What happens next?

  1. Clint Jones says:

    Hugely looking forward to both the forthcoming book and the new blog! Can’t wait to read them both!

    Liked by 1 person

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