Retro Programme: Pontypridd Town vs. Bridgend Town. 26th September 1992.

I moved house over the Summer and came across a load of my old football programmes I used to collect as a kid.

Unfortunately the amount of times I’ve moved house since my teens has meant I’ve lost a big proportion of the amount I used to have and was even more gutted to find I’d lost the majority of those handed down from my late Grandfather and Uncle from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Over the next couple of weeks before the year eventually comes to an end and the blog comes to a respectful demise I’m going to sort out the rest of the programmes and hopefully get at least a few of the more locally interesting ones online.

I’m going to start with this interesting find from the bottom of a cardboard box. It’s a match day programme from a 1992 Abacus League match between Pontypridd Town and Bridgend Town at Ynysangharad Park.

Bridgend Town went on to merge with Bryntirion Athletic some twenty years later to form current Welsh League Division One outfit Penybont.

What makes this cool is that this match day programme comes from Pontypridd Town’s first ever match at Ynysangharad Park as Pontypridd Town.

The club formed initially in 1991 as a merger of sorts between existing clubs Ynysybwl and Pontypridd Sports & Social Club. Going under the name of Pontypridd & Ynysybwl AFC they played their football in Ynysybwl for one season before moving to Ynysangharad Park for the 1992/93 season and renaming themselves Pontypridd Town.

It’s so interesting to read the ex-Chairman’s notes about his future ambitions for the club, “including one day a ladies’ team” which has actually come to fruition in recent years.

I’m also pretty intrigued by some of the adverts in the match day programme. I’ve lived within 5 miles of Ponty Park for the vast majority of my life so it’s cool seeing which businesses have survived the preceding 23 years (Llanover Arms, Pontypridd YMCA, Pontypridd Observer) and those who sadly went by the wayside (The Globe, Taff Ely Council and Sportsflair).

Despite remembering going to this match my memory has sadly failed me regarding the result or anything about the game at all. So if anyone out there has any recollection about this game, I’d love to hear from you.

It would be great to find out if anyone recognises any names, players or anything else in the match day programme.

(Note: I’ve since learned from a reader named ‘Pooley’ that the match actually ended in a 1-1 draw with Bridgend Town’s Virgil Griffith scoring their goal. I’ve messaged a few players involved in the game on Facebook but as yet have heard nothing back – probably I suspect because they weren’t expecting messages from a loser asking about a game they played in 23 years ago!)

Please click on the images below to view a larger version of that image.

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