The One Where I Don’t Die (Yet)

I wrote a blog post a couple of months ago after I accidentally let slip on Twitter that I was being treated for a potential brain tumour following an oddity discovered during a routine eye test.

After a series of CT scans, ultrasounds, physical examinations and a number of appointments I’m now pleased to finally confirm that my Doctor has found no evidence of a brain tumour or anything life threatening in my CT scans.


Turns out I have a swollen optic nerve, probably the cause of most of the headaches I was suffering that made myself and the Doctors fear the worst initially. I’ve also got optic disc drusen (read as: little calcified bits at the back of my right eye), which will probably eventually lead to my right eye becoming pretty useless.

But the overall joy is that I’m going to be OK!

I know a lot of people found out about my health concerns and worried and the fact that I received messages of support and friendship from so many of you only goes to reaffirm my belief in the kindness and friendship of humans.

I will never forget everyone who expressed any concern for my well-being and owe you all one.



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